Café de Stagiaires started as 3 friends, Max, Ben and Tom and that’s how it still is. We hope to be here a long way into the future, as Café de Stagiaires continues to grow and help talented individuals to launch their careers.

As friends from college, we worked together during our summer holidays and on internships around the world. Whilst learning from these, we made a promise to ourselves; we would work together, we would own our own business and we would not stop enjoying life just because we worked hard. When we met other like-minded friends on our final internship in Shanghai, friends who had the knowledge and experience to help us realize our dreams in one of the greatest cities on the planet, Café de Stagiaires was born. We’ve tried to stick true that original promise we made at he beginning and it takes 3 great friends, each with their own strengths, to help us realize those goals each and every day.

Café de Stagiaires has gone from idea to major business in a very short time. But no matter where we are and how many locations we have, we endeavor to stick to the ideals we dreamt of back in 2011; To create an unpretentious café, to keep working with friends, to make sure that, no matter how hard we work, life is still fun and to train the best individuals in the world from the best colleges.

Café de Stagiaires began on Yongkang Lu, Shanghai. And even if a lot has changed since those first days in October 2011, the idea was simple and still is. We wanted a neighborhood bar, where we could sit with friends, talk, and laugh and enjoy good food and drink with great prices. We had no idea if this would take off when we started. We know we’ve had our fair share of luck and good fortune, but we also know that luck counts for nothing without hard work and a winning attitude. Café de Stagiaires design and ambiance reflects this in all its locations; understated, unpretentious and full of energy.

As we grow we learn. Lessons learned in school and business have informed how we have developed. And if one thing has remained with us from the beginning and is more important now than ever, it’s that focusing on the customer works. We listen to everything. We care that the experience our customer has, in any of our locations, is permeated with the spirit of Café de Stagiares. A spirit defined by youth and energy, of learning from our past and creating the very best in service, well into the future.