Welcome to Café des Stagiaires web site. If you’ve never paid a visit to one of our locations then hopefully you’ll get a little taste of what’s to come by browsing through this site. If you have been before then you’ll know that the atmosphere and energy of Café des Stagiaires is best experienced first hand. We know that it’s a poor substitute for the real thing but we hope that this site possesses some of the spirit and flavor that Café des Stagiaires is famous for. We’ll tell you a bit about ourselves and the people who make us tick. You’ll see where we’ve come from, where we are now and hopefully where we’ll be in the future. For us, Café des Stagiaires has been one big adventure and we hope this website helps you join that adventure wherever you are in the world.


What if your final school project could launch your future career? What if you could work on that project with your friends and build a business that went international? What if you could help those, just like you, to go on and become young entrepreneurs the world over? This is what we asked ourselves in the spring of 2011, and Café de Stagiaires was our answer.

Café de Stagiaires started as 3 friends, Max, Ben, and Tom and that’s how it still is. We hope to be here a long way into the future, as Café de Stagiaires continues to grow and help talented individuals to launch their careers.

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